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The coach needs to address each team member in different ways.  There is not just one way to handle a situation.  A coach needs to know when to be direct and vigorous with each of the plays and at some points he can leave it up to the players to call the shots.  All of these characteristics of a coach are the examples that connect being a coach as a metaphor to being a supervisor. 

            Just as the coach needs to wear his many “helmets” to create a successful team it is much like the role of the supervisor of a school. The supervisor needs to wear their many hats to ensure that they are assisting and or aiding to create a well balanced and most successful school possible.  Not all teachers are the same and with this eclectic grouping of people open the needs for different assistance in different situations.  At times the supervisor is needed to be very direct with their approach with supervising meanwhile some teachers are already where they should be to create a profitable classroom and the supervisor needs to be a facilitator in guiding teachers to adjust what they need to make what they are doing better.