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Attaining a proper education is something every child has the right to receive.  Providing students with a well rounded education is a gift that will only benefit on a global scale in the long run.

 I feel that the purpose of schooling is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be able to think for themselves and develop skills needed to problem solve.  Schools need to provide to the students exposure to different cultural values.  As the children grow into adults they will be faced with different situations and different cultures that they will need to understand and take into consideration.  Students need to be able to grow and evolve their knowledge to become individuals who will be able to problem solve and become adults who will be able to apply their knowledge and skills into society as they grow older.  Students need to be empowered to be able know they attain the skills and have the confidence to solve problems on their own. 

            In order to foster this, teachers must expose students to many different things.  In order for students to problem solve, students must learn to think for themselves.  Teachers must teach students how to become independent thinkers providing the students with the skills to problem solve will prove beneficial in all aspects of their lives.  Teachers must also provide students with the skills to be able to express their thoughts and feelings in writing.  Teachers must also expose students to the variety of cultures within society so that they will be open and accepting to them when they are faced with these situations when they are older.