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Classroom Observation


Teacher:                                                                     School:            Grade/Subject/Dept:


Tenure:           Non Tenure:                           Name of Evaluator:


Observation Topic/Objective: 

Observation Date:                                         Conference Date:


Performance Definitions

Highly Successful-Performance area is commendable, sets an example, and is worthy of modeling.

Successful-Performance shows competency

Needs Improvement-Performance areas could benefit from additional effort.




I. Instructional Planning and Preparation:     


Evidence of planning and preparation begins with Lesson Plans that are developed, maintained, submitted on a regular basis and used anecdotally.  Good planning addresses course objectives and have an instructional objective for each specific lesson.  Evidence of good planning includes the selection of an appropriate course of action to achieve the objective at hand including the utilization of supplemental resources. 





Planning and Preparation   () Highly Successful   (  ) Successful  (  ) Needs to Improve


II. Classroom Environment and climate:


Classrooms that maintain displays and/or bulletin boards that are attractive, current and contain student work and promote learning.  Our goal should be to provide a safe and organized environment in which students learn, positively interact and exhibit appropriate work habits.  Evidence of a successful environment would be on in which students active participants in their learning and are comfortable are expressing their views while demonstrating respect for the opinions of others. 



Climate and Environment  (  ) Highly Successful   () Successful  (  ) Needs to Improve



III. Class Management and Control:


The ability to regulate the pace of instruction and use class time effectively to promote students attention and focus is the key to a strong lesson.  When routines are established and followed by students and when directions are presented in a clear and appropriate manner little time is wasted. During the course of a lesson the ability to tactfully address student behaviors to promote self-management and learning would be evidence of sound management and control.



Management and Control  ( ) Highly Successful   ( ) Successful   (  ) Needs to Improve


IV. Instructional Strategies:


The most important aspects of any lesson is our ability to generate strategies to sustain the interest and involvement of our students.  The introduction of an anticipatory set to simulate student interest; the ability to vary questioning techniques to maximize student involvement; and the creation of opportunities for students to thing critically or integrate prior know learning with current content to help assimilate information through retention and transfer are but a few examples.  


The strategies we employ determine how we begin a lesson and whether or not the students clearly understand the objective.  During the lesson our strategies dictate how we will vary out instructional techniques or how we should adjust our plans based on the changing needs and conditional of out students.  Our strategies guide our efforts to provide closure and summation to our lesson and direct, when appropriate, or efforts to assign, check and utilize appropriate homework.  





Instructional Strategies   ( ) Highly Successful   (  ) Successful    (  ) Needs to Improve


V. Knowledge of Subject:


Command of the subject matter is vital to good instruction and should reflect an awareness of the latest information appropriate to the subject area.  Evidence of a strong knowledge base includes the use of resources beyond the textbook and the ability to respond skillfully, accurately and appropriately to student questions. 



Knowledge of Subject  (  ) Highly Successful   ( ) Successful    (  ) Needs to Improve


VI. Teacher/Student Interaction:


The learning process is interactive and out ability to provide feedback that is appropriate to student inquiries and/or responses is critical to the overall success of any lesson.  During the course of a lesson the ability to demonstrate consistency and fairness, as well as the use of praise, encouragement and other reinforcement techniques would be evidence of positive teacher/student interactions.



Teacher/Student Interaction  ( ) Highly Successful   (  ) Successful  (  ) Needs to Improve




_________________________________            ________________________________

Signature of Evaluator                 Date                      Signature of Staff Member         Date 



Signatures are required under New Jersey Administrative Code 6:3-1-1.19 and 6:3-1.21.  The signing of this performance Observation does not denote that the Staff member is in agreement with it.  The staff member may add comments and or other performance data to this report if done within fifteen working days of signing the Performance Observation. 






_________________________________                    ______________________

Signature of Staff Member                                                           Date