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The job of football coach is a very multi-faceted position.  As a coach you wear many “helmets”.  The job of a coach is not to just scream at your players and tell them what to do, which is what is seen on television on Sunday afternoons.  As a coach, you need to be able to level with your team and to make sure that they all work together to get you the winning season that you want.  In order to get this winning season you need to guide each player to work on their faults, meanwhile identify and emphasize each individual player’s strengths.  A coach needs to be able to know each player inside and out.  He needs to be able to read each player and offer the assistance when needed.  This assistance is to be either as a directive or in a way where it is more supportive from the side lines.  As a football coach, not only do you need to support the players you also need to identify what the team needs.  A football team is not an individual sport where it is all on one person.  You need the support from the offensive and defensive players as well as the assistant coaches for the offensive and defensive lines.   Many football coaches were once football players in the past and moved onto coaching as they got older.  When they played football in the past they became an expert in their one position.  Now, as a coach, it is up to him to look at the sport from all positions and to identify what need to be worked on and what needs to be commended and noted for its positive effects.   Not all players are the same.